Tuesday breakout session 1: 9:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m.

Tuesday breakout session 2: 10:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m.


Nick Atyia

|Creating Evangelism Opportunities for Students|

Developing evangelism strategies and environments that allow students to slow down and share their faith with boldness and confidence. . (Junior High Room)

Glenn Barber

 |Children and Salvation|

Glenn discusses how to help children understand their decision to receive Christ, and knowing when the time is right for baptism. (E103)


Emerson Falls

|Jump Start Your Church|

Many Native churches are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. In this conference Emerson will show you a church of any size can continually reach people. (W222)


Alton Fannin
& Todd Davison

|The Courage To Trust God:
Sharing Power With The Next Generation|

Alton and Todd share how they started a second worship service at the same time as the traditional one.  It is actually much harder to trust God than you think.  When it comes to ministry decisions you are often willing to recommend change as long as it does not affect your job.  Employing someone is just the first step; the big step is to empower someone.  This takes great trust in God. (East Conference Center)


Andy Finch

|Transforming Your VBS Into A Community Wide Evangelism Tool|

You’re already doing VBS so why not maximize its potential as a community wide evangelism tool? In this seminar, Andy shares proven ideas for VBS outreach, promotion, prayer, planning, follow-up and leadership development strategies that you can customize to fir your church and community. (E101)

Tim Gentry

|Church Evangelism Accelerator|

This session will orient you with the book of the same name that serves as a pastor’s personal evangelism assistant. Designed with pastors and lay leaders in mind, Tim will help you accelerate your church evangelism process by answering key questions:

    • Are you making disciples?
    • How do you know?
    • Have you defined what a disciple looks like?
    • Do you have a disciple-make process in place?
    • Is evangelism a priority in your process?

This practical resource will assist you in mobilizing your people to share the gospel with a lost world and to follow up with new disciples. (Singles Center)

Craig Hobbs

 |STORYTELLING–From Creation To The Cross|

Storytelling is used by missionaries around the world to communicate the gospel.  Storytelling assumes the listener knows nothing of the gospel; so it communicates simple, yet complete Biblical stories.  This method crosses cultural and linguistic barriers to present the gospel in all its power and grace.  In this breakout, Craig Hobbs, will share and lead a discussion on how to use this same method to share the gospel with people right here in Oklahoma.  Hobbs brings practical experience as an educator, evangelist and world traveler. (W220)

David Hu

|When East Meets West –
An Introduction Of Small House Groups In East Asia|

Small groups are the East Asian version of Sunday Schools, and it’s a vital part of the church movement in East Asia. Through this breakout session, David will share with you how Christians do small groups in East Asia and what you can learn from them despite the different cultural setting. (W221)

Through this breakout session, you will learn:

  • Why smaller group strategy works so well in East Asia
  • Grow your relationship with God and fellow believers in small group settings
  • Understand the Sunday School in cross-cultural environments
  • Be challenged by bringing Sunday Schools back to its true meaning


Jimmy Kinnaird

|CROSS Evangelism Training|

The best known symbol in the world about the most important event in history can become your best evangelism training ever!  Jimmy, who led the development of this material, will walk you through the gospel presentation, the training schedule, helping your people discover their evangelism style and setting the evangelistic environment in your congregation. (Studio 26) 

Luis Lopez

|Cómo Alcanzar A Las Personas A Cristo Por Medio De Grupos Nuevos Pt. 1 & 2|

Descubra cómo atraer a las personas a Cristo por medio de grupos nuevos y los pasos para hacerlo. Considere el potencial verdadero que su iglesia, misión o comunidad tiene en ayudar a las personas a ser como Cristo. Las relaciones  personales son críticas. Los grupos nuevos ayudarán a su iglesia crecer. (W202) 

Cris Lowery

|Listening Evangelism Basics|

In a world where so many people are yearning to be heart, the need for people with listening skills is at an all-time high. In this session, you will focus on the simple skills anyone can learn to be an accomplished listener as well as how to weave the International Mission Board’s storying approach into the conversation as an evangelistic element. (E109)

Jimmy May

|Sharing Your Story In A Way That Will Win Others To Christ|

The easiest way to win someone to Christ with a gospel presentation you can remember. Your testimony is one you know and won’t forget. Learn how to share your story in a way that will win others to Christ!!! (W223)

Bob Mayfield

|ReConnect Sunday School|

Sunday School is the church’s primary strategy to connect people to Jesus, His truth, His community and His mission.  In this breakout, Bob lays out a simple schedule to START new units and ReConnect your classes or small groups to evangelism. (Senior High Room)

Darryl Moore

|Smaller In Attendance Church Evangelism|

Smaller in attendance churches (SAC) are the backbone of Baptist work in Oklahoma.  In this breakout, Darryl shares his years of experience in evangelism, Sunday School and life in SACs. (E104) 


Lester Vogler

|Share Your Faith Workshops And Everyday Evangelism: 
Evangelism Explosion’s Latest Training Tools|

Share Your Faith is a one day workshop that is FUN to share, EASY to learn, & almost IMPOSSIBLE to forget!
Everyday Evangelism trains people how to share their faith as a Way of Life!   It utilizes a variety of components including prayer, 7 week actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication. (E107)

Walter Wilson

|How to Get Your Sunday School Off Life Support|

Walter will take a look at the systematic strangling of today’s Sunday School programs. The when; the why. He will explain how to reverse the trend by bringing back ‘old school’ principles. (Choir Room)