Tuesday breakout session 1: 9:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m.

Tuesday breakout session 2: 10:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m.

All breakouts are located on the 2nd floor of the Discipleship Center


John Avant

|Deploy through a Millennial Strategy| Room #214

Have you ever wondered what millennials are looking for in a church or how to unleash the energy and power of this generation in Kingdom work? Would you be surprised to learn that many traditional churches are effectively reaching millennials? Join John as he unpacks some practical steps every church can deploy to reach and send out millennials for the kingdom.



Rod Barnett

 |Deploy through Festivals – Reaching Your City @ #GoodNews| Room #235

Franklin Graham is coming to Oklahoma City in August of 2015 and wants you to partner with him in reaching Oklahoma with the gospel. Rod will help you understand what the Graham Festival is, along with what it encompasses. You will learn how you and your congregation can be deployed with other believers to enlarge the Kingdom of God.



Jim Brunk

 |Deploy through Church Planting| Room #238

Church Planting has been elevated in Southern Baptist life over the past several years. This year the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma developed a new paradigm for planting churches in our state. Jim will unpack this new paradigm and you will discover how your association, church, and/or you personally can be deployed to plant.



Greg Frizzell

|Deploy through Breakthrough Prayer and Fasting| Room #244

The great need for revival in Oklahoma is clear. Greg will help us discover how united prayer and fasting could have a major impact on our evangelism and Kingdom expansion. Greg will help believers deploy through prayer and discuss how we can move the Kingdom forward through breakthrough praying.



Thomas Hammond

|Deploy through Evangelism Church Strategy-Impact Your Community| Room #229

Every church has the opportunity and responsibility to deploy with the Gospel to reach its community. While most churches desire to accomplish this, few churches have a plan to do so. Join Thomas as he leads the discussion on steps to develop a Strategic Evangelism Plan for every church. Regardless of church size, the strategic principles can be utilized and customized to impact any culture with the Gospel.



Craig Hobbs

|Deploy through Church Revivals| Room #250

Revivals, are they effective today? Many Pastors and Church leaders have been asking this question and have been given a variety of answers. The one thing that remains the defining answer to this question is, revival preparation. Craig will help you deploy your congregation for effective Kingdom growth through revival meetings by exploring with you numerous components of revival that will enable all types of churches to experience a powerful move of God.



Bob Mayfield

|Deploy through Small Groups & Sunday School| Room #222

Wouldn’t you like to deploy the largest number of members of your church to accomplish the work of the church in the areas of mission and evangelism? The reality is, you already have the organization in place to accomplish this goal. It may be called Sunday School, Small Group, or Bible Study Groups but it’s there. Bob will explore ways to expand the Kingdom and will even demonstrate how to do this with a special presentation of the “Donut Illustration”.



Doug Passmore

|Deploy through Church Renewal| Room #224

Lay Renewal provides a congregation with an opportunity to reawaken their purpose and passion. Renewal will move believers wherever they are in their spiritual journey to a place of refreshing purpose in the Kingdom. This inward journey renews and restores believers and prepares them to be redeployed in the work of the Kingdom. Doug will share his church’s experience in this journey.



Bob Thomas

|Deploy through My Hope| Room #251

Billy Graham introduced the My Hope campaign to the United States last year in conjunction with his birthday celebration. While new the United States, the Graham Association has effectively deployed tens of thousands around the world with the Gospel through the My Hope strategy. Bob will share with you how you can mobilize your church to bring people to Christ through the My Hope ministry.


Bobby Welch

|Deploy through Personal Evangelism| Room #227

Brother Bobby will be sharing about a personal evangelism strategy that wins and disciples believers while building the church regardless of church size. What comes to mind when you hear the words “personal evangelism”? Is it an evangelism tool or strategy that you have learned? Is it the name of a person whose life is characterized by his or her personal witness for Christ? Bobby Welch could be a part of the answer to both questions. His development of FAITH Evangelism while serving as a pastor ties him to a tool and anyone who has spent at least an hour with him would know that his life is characterized by his personal witness.