What is the cost of the conference?

The conference is FREE. It is paid for by generous gifts made through the Cooperative Program.

Can anyone attend the conference?

Yes, anyone is welcome to attend.

What's are some featured items at the conference this year?

1| Join us on Sunday night at 6:00pm for a special time as we gather for Prayer for Spiritual Awakening

2| The Senior Adults – Journey to SEC will have a special luncheon on Tuesday.

3| The women are having a special time this year where they will have short testimonies given followed by a luncheon.

(click on the event titles for more information)  

Will childcare be provided?

Yes, it will be. Registration is required for each child. Please register each child by contacting Del City First Southern Baptist Church at 405.732.1300 

Will there be deaf interpreting this year?

Yes, we gladly provide that service to our guests during the general sessions.

How do I sign up for a special luncheon?

You can sign up by contacting the correct person in charge of that meal. Some meals are by invitation only. For a complete listing, please click here.

If I'm not signing up for a luncheon, will there be available food at the conference?

Yes, for a minimal cost First Southern will provide lite meals, snacks and drinks in the Exhibit area.