Welcome! The State Evangelism Conference is right around the corner.

Tim Gentry
BGCO Evangelism Director

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “there is a time and season for everything.” I have heard many times about the gathering of eagles at the 1992 State Evangelism Conference. This was a gathering of great preachers and evangelists like W. A. Criswell, Roy Fish, Angel Martinez and J. Harold Smith.

I believe this year is the time and season to hear what God is doing across Oklahoma and to hear what God has put on the heart of Oklahoma pastors. We are gathering the eagles again and will hear from the pacesetters in evangelism from right here in Oklahoma.  Every speaker at the upcoming conference will be an Oklahoma pastor.

Is the Lord still among us?  Of course He is! Join with me at the upcoming State Evangelism Conference at First Baptist Church, Moore, Oklahoma on January 27-28, 2014, to hear and experience what God is doing as we all renew our commitment to reach Oklahoma with the Gospel. I believe the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart through these men who are like you, love the people of this state like you do and lead a church similar to yours.

Plan now to attend and hear how we transition from the last leg of MY316 (SERVE Oklahoma) to ReConnect Evangelism and align with the new BGCO emphasis of ReConnect Sunday School.

Connecting people with Jesus,

Tim Gentry
Evangelism Group Leader, BGCO